mobile not now seeing bluetooth speaker.


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so my mobile phone was quite happily paired and connected to my x6 tws bluetooth speaker, but now the speaker doesn't list as an available device.

The speaker pairs to other devices straight away. From my PC and other mobiles, lists and connects immediately it is switched on, but still does not show in my own mobile's list.
I have tried resetting bluetooth on the phone, tried repowering the phone. And the same on the speaker, but still doesn't list. The phone see's other speakers fine.

I have been advised to reset network settings, but am reluctant, as I struggled to get APN settings from the network provider, and I am worried a reset may clear these settings and render the whole mobile signal useless.
Can anyone suggest something I haven't tried.


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as I struggled to get APN settings from the network provider
You don't need to get APN settings from the provider, they're all publicly posted on the internet.

BUT, I fail to see how that's connected to bluetooth in anyway.

bluetooth devices have a maximum amount of pairs they're allowed to do at any one time, I'd just reset the speakers bluetooth pair list.