Monitor and Screen question


I had a look on the monitors section not long ago that PCS stocks the Asus ProArt PA246Q monitor. It is now replaced by the PA248Q model. By any chance you will be stocking the PA246Q model again? Mine had be demolished last week by a Mozilla event crew during a set up and only just got back to me with their compensation. I'm after that model and not the new PA248Q because the PA246Q offers adobeRGB and sRGB colours but the PA248Q only offers sRGB.
Nothing wrong with the new model but I mainly work on adobeRGB and it isn't supplied in the new model, strangely.

Lastly,the AUO gamut matte screen is gone from vortex 17.3" laptop option. Is there any information on when they will be available again? Was ready to order but that screen is missing.