monitor choiice


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PCSp are building me a new PC, but which monitor to choose? I want 24" one.
So its either their £180 Iiyamma (no spkrs, LED/LCD), or the "std one"(unknown brand).
The IIyamma gets good reviews, but for similar price I could get Samsung P2450, or Asus VH242...or Acer ?the choice is endless..Its really to view photos, not gaming.
Or maybe bit cheaper options? BenQ?
If the monitor does not have speakers, then presumably I do not need HDMI , just DVI?
Any suggestions welcome, I'm going mad looking at review sites...thanks


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We stock iiyama because they're a very high quality monitor and the LED versions are ultra thin.

As far as I'm aware DVI is the same quality as HDMI, but without the ability to carry the audio signal, so don't worry too much about having a HDMI monitor, especially if you're planning to use your own speakers.