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I've been wanting a second screen for quite some time, and thought about getting a TV rather than another monitor (regardless of whether it was a monitor/Television I was going for something bigger than the monitor I have now and hoping to go dual-screen with the current+new). So I'd be using the TV for gaming and YouTube and the monitor for just general stuff.

Has anyone done this with the two, does it work well?


I use two monitors, it works well for the most part, some games you need to play in windowed mode otherwise the second monitor just displays the background (or at least thats how I do it :)). Admittedly I don't use a TV as my main monitor but that wont make a difference in terms of getting them both to work.


I have a TV as my main screen (also used for console gaming), and two monitors as my secondary and tertiary screens.

I think it works well for my current gaming setup, I play games usually in Border-less windowed mode if available so I can do things on the other screens. Most of the time this means playing a game while I am watching a YouTube video or Twitch stream on my other screen, but I always have tweet-deck open, my PC temperatures and Steam in small mode open, other small bits and pieces. I can also switch my TV over to my PS3/4 or Xbox One, play a console game but also have things open on the PC on the other screens.
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Thanks both! That's partly what I was wondering about too, being able to play games with one screen/the TV and use the browser/whatever else on the monitor.

Much appreciated.