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More Clarification on TDP

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So the Optimus X has some insane TDP limits for a budget laptop. Short term boost is 90w, long term boost is 60W and standard is 45W.

the dell g3, which isin The same price bracket, doesn’t boost past 60w at all. Pcs can maximise on this as a Selling point

Wack expensive stuff like the strix seriesdo have boosts this high but they’re at least 40% more expensive, pcs is just more competitive.

edit:eluktronics doesn’t sell in Europe either lol. They’re america only, after 10 minutes of looking. But the point was that they market their eluktroboost while pcs might have overlooked it. In fact, pcs sells the same chassis assome of the eluktronics stuff as the vyper, I believe so they really don’tsell in this region
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