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More delays for Intel's 7nm chips



Still over a year to two years away from mainstream production and possibly as much as three years before they really hit the shelves, in some cases!
Yeah... this is nails - coffins to me, they’re going to really struggle to catch up. AMD will be well into 5nm by then plus you’ll have ARM making waves in the desktop space.

Their share price plummeted 16% on the news, the last thing they can afford is tanking the stocks. Plus they’ll be paying a premium for TSMC to manufacture the chips so it’s a compounded hit. They knew this was the case years ago, they’ve intentionally misled investors imho.
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Not to mention Apple pre-pay TSMC billions a year for their chips, so Intel would still be be stuck at the back of the queue.
That's very true.

There's new rumours coming out as well that nVidia are looking to "acquire" ARM (I'm wondering if that's hostile?) which would be a really bad thing imho, it's the last thing I think consumers need!

Lots of change on the horizon!


Well Softbank have realised that ARM isn't the golden goose they thought it was - don't get me wrong they make a ton of money but SB thought they would be able to squeeze existing and new clients but many just shrugged and went to RISC - even the open source variant. Given ARM originally came out of Acorn who made the first RISC chips (and used to stand for Advanced RISC Machines) that wasn't such a huge jump.

I'm kind of surprised Apple have never bought ARM to be honest, but it does make me wonder how much of Apple's deciding to use ARM CPU's in Mac's from a couple of years from now has influenced NVidia.

Interesting times ahead in CPU's for sure.