More GPU information & options would be great.


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Hi, would be great to see an option for GPU's that shows brand and if it's stock or company overclocked. I think the prices are great etc but that fact that you don't know what your getting is a little annoying and the fact PCS can stick in what ever they like bugs me. A little more information/options concerning gpu's would be great.

It's not like you gotta have a giant list of gpu's just good reviewed GPU's like the MIS gtx 980 ti etc.


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There are a lot of manufacturers and from previous comments my understanding is that they can't list them because stock constantly changes and there is no guarantee you can get a specific brand. They won't stick what they want but what they have in stock.


+1 to what Keynes said.

Also, if you really are requiring a specific brand of GPU the easiest option is to just get it yourself and choose "none, I already have a graphics card" in the configurator. PCS leave the needed PSU cables loose at the bottom of your case making installation a breeze. This option is especially great right now with the black friday sales and cyber monday events ongoing and enables you to buy for example a gtx 980ti for 499.99 (cant say where as its a competitor site)


Can you take this post down guys? no need for it.

I think its best if we leave it here, that way if someone else with the same query searches the question they will get the answers posted by Keynes and Everon which may help them.