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more white or pink cases!


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This is stunning! I sometimes browse Reddit where a lot of people post their builds, including total white ones and they are always beautiful! Saw some total white NZXT builds as well (with also the white NZXT motherboard) and they are just WOW
Yeah, NZXT do some amazing white products, just a shame their cases suck!


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I dont know how often or how possible this is. But i have a custom ordered case by PCS. I have seen when i was amending orders that suddenly there was Lian Li O11 Dynamix XL Silver color variant, normally they only sell black.

I have talked with support and she said that someone custom ordered that case, i was able to do the same upon checking with purchase team. So maybe it is possible that they can source out other cases on requests.
Also on a side note, the case costed a whopping 90 euro more, because they had to get it from different source


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I heard that the 4000D Airflow in white was available since my order. Kind of a shame as that case looks amazing with those grey accents.
Not too sore over it though, white cases would probably best with lighter (if not white) parts inside to match and everything I have in my black 4000D Airflow matches that a lot better lol (silvery GPU front and centre fading to black/grey/charcoal behind it and white/blue RBG all round) It would've been more expensive all told too, I'd have had to source a lot more white parts and white GPU's especially are hard to get even in normal, MSRP available times...

Maybe some day though... my gf wants a white/pink themed retro gaming/emulation/art build of her own eventually.