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my new laptop \\\ Recoil

i recently bought recoil with specs 512gb ssd 16 gb ram nvidea gtx 960 . its amazingly fast, light matt finish is stunning and has sharp edges on the corners . performance is really great.I love the keyboard its sleek and fun to type . overall I am very pleased with the machine and I must appreciate the service delivery was right on time. 14075198_1773372119588726_1998023838_o.jpg


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Damole, this is the Recoil 1 and is a different chassis to the Recoil 2. Check dates of topics before you post, this is almost 2 years old :)

I don't think photos of the inside of a 2 year old chassis will be much use to most users.


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I didn't notice the post date, I have been waiting for the new Optimus and then saw the Recoil ii so obviously got a bit over excited. I will start a new thread with the correct title.
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