My New Laptop


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Although I have read and heard of PC Specialist being rather slow at building computers, PC Specialist were fairly quick with the order and building of my laptop.
The laptop itself is built of high quality and although when it started up the fans are extremely loud, the fans now run a bit more quietly and the sound isn't as apparent. The only downside of my laptop is the battery isn't in the normal position, but inside the laptop itself. This makes it difficult (and too much effort) to remove the battery and run it on the mains if I'm going to game for long periods of time.
Overall, I'm very pleased with the final product and for the spec, it's relatively cheep so certainly great value for money.
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Thanks for posting comments, I know PCS will appreciate it :)

Would you mind posting up the model / spec of what you ordered? It will help others better understand your comments if they find themselves shopping for a laptop.