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My new love


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Right been pretty busy but finally going to post my new baby in here, first want to thank

Built by James Nisbet
Tested by Zbear Ramzan
QC'd by Craig Whiteley
Packed by Anthony Cunliffe
and the peeps on the support lines i spoke to (sorry can't remember who)

For anybody who is waiting for their new lady keep in there it's well worth it i know.

Processed Date 14/3/2011 (wanted fast track but case and cpu not instock)
Pre-production 15/3/2011 (while waiting in this stage for above parts got an e-mail to say the power supply was out of stock)
Build date 1/4/2011 (excitement levels rise)
Test date 5/4/2011 (and again)
QC date 5/4/2011 (OMG it's flying)
Awaiting despatch/Despatched 7/4/2011
The Big Day 8/4/2011 (deliveries between 9-6 not in Manchester 07:55 :D )

Right ambulance was on stand-by due to over excitement but not required not even a nuclear warhead would separate me from this supersized cardboard box, very gently and slowly opened said box (honest) to find another box (welcome pack) well that can wait till later dig dig dig oooohhhhh there it is MY PRECIOUS (it comes with castors found out why when i realised it was not the cardboard box that was so heavy) next open case removed the packing quick looksy and all is good, plug leads in switch on time (it's alive it's alive) oh crap microsoft key required where is that no it's not on the windows 7 box (aaaarghhh back of the PC there it is)........(updates......updates......updates......install drivers for accessories:yawn:) time to install game (AC2 almost installed then BSOD screams like a little girl, system reboots uninstall AC2 then reinstalled perfectly crisis over).

So had this beauty a week now over the moon with it and then there is this great PCS community so i think i have found a new home.

(Will try to add pics shortly)


+rep for the pics
guessing youll be off the radar for a while now as you get to know your new rig :p


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Thanks Zainy got to admit it was well worth the wait, i think what kept me sane was the ones complaining after ordering about 2 weeks later than me and these here forums ;)


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@ Nemesis no chance i am still on here every day like to see what people are putting together so i can :no: you really want


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Rep for the Pics matey :)

Post in the Sig thread and I'll knock one up for you if you wish :D


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Congratulations on your new pc mate.
I finally put in the order for mine over the weekend ...... Now its my turn to get excited

PS: thanks for your spec help on the forum


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Glad your all sorted hope you enjoy yours as much as i am enjoying this :D

Don't forget to post some pics of the new girl when she arrives

oh and your welcome just glad i could help.