My PC problem...


I got a PC from PCS about 4 weeks ago, everything was going very well and smoothly, no complaints... but, every now and then I start the P.C up, goes through the motherboard screen, fine... Windows 7 loading screen, fine...... and then P.C just goes blank, all I can see is a black screen with my mouse arrow.

I posted about this issue before and I thought I had it sorted recently but now it's doing the same thing. I had to keep turning it off and on about 5 times, gave up and turned off the power supply on the back of my desktop and back on and it seemed to work. Not sure if its related or just pure chance....?

Theres no lag or anything, just a black screen with a arrow, I keep waiting to see if anything happens but nothing..

Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated.


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Have any of the motherboard warning lights turned on during post?

I'd check all connections, psu, hdd's/ssd's, motherboard

Can you actually get in windows?

I'd call pcs tech guys, try and speak to Jack (he knows his stuff)


No motherboard warning lights have turned on.. as far as I know.

I might later on open up the case and check everything is plugged in properly.

I can't get into windows, it goes blank right before you enter the password to access the computer.

Cheers for the advice, if all else fails I'll call PCS tomorrow.


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sounds more like a windows problem if its booting that far, maybe some corrupt sectors on your hdd - have you tried re-installing windows, if it starts then run a full disk scan