My pc that I'm getting on the 27th (hopefully) | PCSPECIALIST

My pc that I'm getting on the 27th (hopefully)

Paul H

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Would love some advice as this is my first PC and I know nothing.
I'm planning on using 2 IIYAMA 27" monitors...
Anything you would change and why?
Thanks 😅


@Paul H rather than a screenshot, if you click the 'post to forum link' at the bottom of your spec you can copy/paste the specification including a link to reconfigure here. Its much easier for us that way.

Also, what is your budget for this rig?

Any particular reason you've gone for an Intel based PC? AMD are just superior CPU's currently.

You've picked an AOC monitor above - are you using 3x monitors? What resolution are the Iiyama monitors (the 27" is kind of irrelevant, its the resolution/refresh rate of the screen thats important).

It might be worth changing the 2080Ti to one of the 30xx cards (either wait for the 3070 which is the same performance just cheaper or the 3080) - it will mean you'll need to wait though.


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I would definitely take the advice above and post link to your build.

simple things like choosing a 650w PSU for a gaming rig is not ideal and minimum should be 750W.

the 2000 series gfx cards are being replaced by the 3000, where even the 3060 Ti has performance almost on par with the 2080.

yes there is a potential wait for 3070, or order without one and try and source your own.

AMD is going to give you a better more future proof build with latest CPU’s.

M.2 would go for Samsung rather than intel.