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Need help with syncing Outlook calendar with iPhone 7


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Hi guys!
Just upgraded to iPhone 7 from my old BBerry and the biggest problem so far is syncing Outlook calendar with my new Apple device.
I used to sync my BlackBerry with Outlook with using BBerry Link but now I'm a bit frustrated with this iPhone experience.
The problem is that iTunes refuses to sync any Outlook data with iPhone and vice versa. I just press syncing button and nothing happens.
The only workaround I managed to find is software called Akruto.
It works fine but it's a paid software and I prefer syncing via USB, which is missing there (only syncing via Wi-Fi or over the Internet).
Can somebody advice me anything on how I could sync Outlook calendar with iPhone using iTunes? Maybe there's some workaround for my issue which I'm not tech-savvy enough to find?



I haven't had an iPhone for years but when you set up the account on an iPhone, Activsync would just sync whatever you ticked in the account.

Re syncing via idea. Can I ask why you want to do that though rather than over the air?


As Tony says, when you set up the account in the iPhone as an exchange account, it synchronises everything you select such as calendar, contacts etc.

You don't need to synchronise with the computer for anything really anymore.


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