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New Aircooler/watercooler technology!!! ProSiphon


Now this is very interesting, some company, IceGiant, have developed a SUCCESSFUL alternative to an AIO called a "ProSiphon" which acts in the same principles, but uses clever circulative technology to rule out the need for a pump AT ALL.

So essentially it's a watercooler, without a pump, and looks to be very effective as well.

I'm really excited about this!

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I guess it works in much the same way as the solar water heaters that we all have on our roofs over here. There's no pump there either, the water heated by the Sun rises in the pipework and the colder water in the tank sinks, generating a circulatory current. I guess the heat from the hot CPU would do much the same thing? Clever, and maintenance free too I'd guess, just like our water heaters.