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I looked for about 3 months before I bought my new pc.I looked at specs for ages. I did think of getting a refurb pc but I found the older monitors tend to have dark images when i watch videos, especially when low lighting is so much a feature of most drams now. So because i couldnt decide i thought id take the soft optipn and but from John Lewis trusting their reputation and my brother's confidence because he always buys there. So i got myself sn Asus vivo A222fak all in one. I didn't expect anything too fantastic but did want a decent start up time and to be able to do word processing and surfing and streaming with ease. Im very disappointed.Start up time best 1.30mins worst 3.30. Frequent slow loading of browsers and settings menu. Occasionally reasonable. I contacted Asus who told me to do all updates.I did and for one day it wad readonable but then slow again. I got so fed up bought a Samsung external SSD copied the win 10 iso onto it and now i can have it open with browser functioning in 39secs.Ive read of startups on ssd in 3 to 10 secs if you use Fast Start but my PC says Hibernation(and therefore Fast start option) is not available in Windows to Go. I used wintoUsb and Windows Creation tool so not sure why I'm getting this message.
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