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New arrival!!!


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This beaut arrived on wednesday!! Been fiddling around with the gpu and cpu just to get the overclock right, so have only had time to play bf3..

Who says this gpu is memory limited!? I am maxed out at 1920x1080 with full aa etc on @ 50-60fps. IDEAL!
Slightly overclocked over the initial clock of 1006-1085 for this Palit model, and bam! not bad bang for your buck!

The case is awesome, sturdy and has enough space for a refit/upgrades in the future. Inside all components bar the gpu all look lovely, many thanks to PCS for the good quality building!! - unreliable 3dmark11 score...still.. not bad!

Will post pictures once i have a camera.

Again thanks to PCS and the people of this forum, esp. Corfate, Rubensolo and Narcotics for their guidance.


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Will do once i move everything around a little, waiting on a coupla fans then i'll post some.

I'm playing bf3 majorly at the minute, got Boarderlands 2 free with my 660ti also so waiting to see what thats like, then league of legends and a little more.

Boot times are ridiculous, i'll maybe do a video of that at some point. Its just awesome.

I want your sli 670's!!!! Can run bf3 though on max without issues @60 so :D What kind are they anyway?