New budget conscious Noctua air cooler


I sincerely hope PCS choose to stock this, this looks like an extremely good budget option Noctua Air Cooler:

Just finished watching that. Thanks for sharing it! It's amazing what they've done - basically identical performance to the original U12S but in a tiny package at 60% of the price. Wow!

I too would love to see PCS stock it - but I think with it likely to be about £45-50 here, the cheaper AIO's will still offer a big bang for the little extra buck.

I love Noctua! This probably wouldn't be best for 5800X, but I think for 5600X would be a nice option.
Agreed - and for all sorts of reasons - but in his testing they had a 150W load coming through a single die 8700K and it sat at 82 degrees. That's just unbelievable for such a tiny cooler. With a chunky Ryzen you might conceivably stay in the 70's which seems almost beyond impossible.....


RIP Julee Cruise ☹️
I can’t wait to see Noctua’s passive cooler in action 👍