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New Lafité - optimal configuration

I needed to buy a new laptop for an enterprise presales position, so I had a specific set of requirements:
- sleek design and low weight- for customer presentations and portability
- 14" format - small enough to be handy and portable but large enough not to require an external display for extended work during travel
- 32 GB 2666mHz RAM and - for being able to smoothly run a demo virtual environment with several VMs running resource-hungry enterprise software
- no unnecessary frills - dedicated GPU (I don't want to game on this laptop and it will just add to the price and drain the battery), gaming designs, 4K screens, ...

When I set out to search for this, I was sure I will find the right configuration in a day. It turned out I was wrong. I either had to go for 15"+ bulky gaming configurations with over the top designs or an overpriced (2.5K+) Dell XPS or similar. So I started sending mails to shops and asking about customization options. No positive replies came - either it would void the warranty or more than 16GB RAM was not supported.

So starting to get a nagging feeling that I will have to spend an exorbitant amount on an XPS, I came across PC Specialist.

The ease of use, the custom configuration options, the reasonable and transparent pricing - I was blown away. There had to be some trick. So I studied the reviews and came to the conclusion that not only are they completely legit, they also have thousands of overwhelmingly happy customers.

So I placed an order, had it assembled and tested in 3 business days and shipped to my address in a couple more. Worked as a breeze.

Laptop build is sturdy, with nice aluminum finish and (I'm especially thankful for this) no branding, unnecessary design escapades and waterfalls of stickers describing each component and piece of software inside. Exactly what I was looking for.

If I had to find a downside, it is slightly louder system fan speed, but the list pretty much stops there.

All else is wonderful. After two weeks of usage, I wholeheartedly recommend it and I hope they keep the same approach.


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