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New Laptop 17"


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Hi guys

2 weeks ago I bought a new Laptop fom PCS.

Octane VI 17.3"
Core i7 9700k
RTX 2080
SSD M.2 Samsung 970 evo plus
16GB Ram 2666Mhz

Good feeling in general. The laptop is robust. It works very fast, and it's over my expectations in general.

I use it mainly for playing games at maximum quality.
Maybe it would be better to have 32GB of Ram, although it's not critic.

It goes smooth, and I don't see any bad point.

I had to reach out to the PCS After sales service in order to check SSD temperatures. They helped me in whatever I needed giving me all the information to support me.
I think I will use again PCS to buy new computers in the future and I will recommend them. Good products and good service. What else can you ask?


Photo's or it didn't happen ;)

Good to hear feedback on the After Sales service! I assume they managed to sort your temperature issue?