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New Laptop, cannot find all M.2 ports and memory slots


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Hi, just received my order of Octane VI.

As I already have two M.2 SSD I wanted to install these. Having taken off the two back panels I can only see one M.2 SSD which I have installed a drive in. Where is the second M.2 slot?

I also had some existing memory, and have installed that in RAM slots 3 & 4, but wanted to remove the memory that came installed with the laptop, but cannot see RAM slots 1 & 2, so where are those? The memory I have is faster (3000 Mhz) and if I cannot remove the existing slot (2133 Mhz), then I cannot active XMP.


I think 2 of the 4 RAM slots are usually under the keyboard.

PCS can supply a manual and/or instructions if you ask them I believe.


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According to KitGuru from their review, the second M2 slot is apparently in the gap under the left hand fan (when looking into the case with the back removed...see enclosed picture):

Under left hand fan

Alternatively, at 4 minutes 45 in this video, he points out the spot exactly (you will need to scroll down the page slightly):

Video review

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the review about the other 2 RAM slots. Have looked around further andas noted by Oussebon, the other 2 RAM slots are under the keyboard
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