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New Laptop - Installed Linux


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So far my only qualm is the power. It runs down in about 90 minutes which isn't great, but aside from that everything has gone pretty smoothly.
I got regular updates on where my laptop was in the creation process, from building to testing to dispatched which was very comforting.
I ordered my laptop with no operating system so I could install linux on it, which, once I figured out how to get into the bios, wasn't too hard. Getting into the bios took about 15 minutes of turning it off and on again as it was booting into windows 10 (which had been left on from the testing) and it turned out it wasn't doing a full shutdown when I turned it off. To get into bios you have to open the command line and type: shutdown/p
Then turn your computer on again and press f2 as soon as it starts booting up (i just press f2 on repeat until I get the bios).
From there it was just a standard install.
I've got Ubuntu 20 running on mine and its going great.