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Bought my new laptop 3 weeks ago. Found it to perform extremely well. Being able to just have the build to suit my usage makes this the right set up for me. The mainstream options I had looked at all seemed to be for video editors or gamers or business users. Too high specs so wasted for me. I was looking for a quick machine, well built for basic web browsing and video. Good battery life, a decent screen, and a well built machine which had a processor which was a few years future proof.
The keyboard did not need to have the extra numbers section. Getting it built with the i5 10th gen processor, 8GB of RAM and with 512Gb SSD provided speed and storage. The screen is sharp and clear, and the battery is fine all day. I would say that there ae a lot of general public, non computer savvy, users like me out there who just want a good quality machine without the marketing hype to have to try to cut through. Glad I came across the PC Specialist site.


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