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This is my second Laptop from pcspecialist and like the first one (which is still going strong after 3.5yrs) I'm very pleased with it. It is Recoil Series: 17" with a RTX 4080 graphic card. Sadly thou like the first one after only a couple of weeks of having it. I had to wipe windows and then re-instal it. The reason this time was failure of my phone link and unable to access Windows Store ( was a different reason on my first laptop but the result was the same). The pcspecialist advisor after logging on remotely and being unable to fix, decided that my operating system was corrupted so windows needed removing and re-installing. Of course this meant losing all my programmes and apps and having to spend a day re-downloading them. Also i lost my 90 days free Norton security so I had to immediately buy virus protection instead of being able to take advantage of the free cover. I could get no compensation for this off pcspecialist :( To make matters worse the advisor did not also tell me that all my drivers would be wiped, so after re-loading Windows nothing worked, which meant contacting pcspecialist and sitting there, for over an hour, while he reloaded all the drivers. I think the laptops/computers are good and competitively priced but the customer care and service can leave a lot to be desired
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yeah second vote for Windows Defender, it runs natively on windows so it has the least performance impact and is just as good at protecting the machine as any of the paid options.

Plus now people don't buy Anti-virus's so they are all being sold to shady companies, like Norton decided to add a crypto miner to their AV. So I'd recommend removing it asap