New Mini PC - quick help, internal foam?


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Hi all

Bought a new Mini PC for my dear old mother and it's arrived, and she's freaking out slightly about the instructions.

The manual says that if there is a leaflet with the computer, to read it carefully and to remove any internal packaging. Mum has sent me a few photos of the "leaflet" (attached to this thread), but it looks to me like some instructions for how to dismantle the machine in order to upgrade parts. It makes no reference at all to internal packaging, perhaps other than a mention to "Remove filter", though this reads to me like a filter across the airvent and is a necessary part.

Additionally, there is this plastic cover that makes reference to "installing the processor" - am I right to assume this is just a spare part and there is no further installationg of parts necessary? (photo attached)

My main question - will the leaflet make it really super obvious that there is internal packaging to remove? Or should I get her to start dismantling her PC just incase? I fear what could happen if we go down that route :D



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I wouldn't expect there to be any internal foam packaging in a mini-pc but its prudent to check in my opinion.

The instruction photo's you've attached are for assembling/disassembling the components into the case. I'd expect if your mam removes the the lid/side panel to the case she will immediately see if there is foam inside.

As for "Thing 1" that is just a cover for the CPU socket, can essentially be discarded.


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You generally don't get internal packaging unless you have a large air cooler on the CPU that needs supporting during transit.