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New Nova Laptop


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First time buyer here, custom made built Laptop for Gaming/Simulation & to replace my old standard HP one which is now 6 years old. A massive upgrade & well worth it! , here are the specs & photos: (p.s. don't worry about the Laptop being on the bed, I have a Laptop Stand which allows for cooling).



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Nice, waiting for mine to come in to stock and be built!

How have you found it so far performance wise? Mind posting the CPU, GPU and RAM specs?


I'm considering this as this seems to be the only one that supports AMD. Do you know if the battery is detachable? Does it power on without the battery?


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I am pretty sure another user posted some pictures of the internals of the laptop. I cant find them right now but here is a video that shows the inside:
i linked it before but. the mods chucked it cos they are basically showing off XMG's product which is a competitor to PCS
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