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Just a quick review of my new 15.6 inch Nova laptop.

I've been using now for approx 10 days and so far very happy with it. Went for a pre configured option as there were some in stock and it meant faster delivery. The specs of the pre-configured machine were pretty much exacly what I was going to choose anyway so it seemed like a good option. Delivery was quick, I ordered on the Thursday evening and the laptop was delivered on Saturday by approx 4pm- so was impressed with how quick I received the laptop (was expecting it Monday at the soonest so a nice surprise).

I went for the AMD Ryzen 3700X with Geforce RTX 2070. 1 TB M2 SSD.

Given that it's a desktop CPU in a laptop chassis I was a bit concerned the temps would be an issue but so far it's not really been a problem. When doing normal stuff (web browsing, youtube, netflix) I run it in either quiet or power saving mode. This makes the laptop run much quieter. I can play older games in these lower power modes as well at 60FPS and above with no issues. I noticed in quiet mode, the fans are indeed quiet but temps can start creeping up into 80-85 degrees quite easily so that's something to keep an eye on. For this reason I usually stick to power saving mode for lighter use & temps stay low (45-55 range approx)

I haven't done a huge amount of gaming on the latest games yet, but can confirm the fans will ramp up when running in balanced or peformance mode in more demanding titles. The highest CPU temps I've seen was just spiking to 90 degrees on Crysis 3 but mostly in the 70-85 range. The fans do seem to do a decent job of controlling temps so that's good. They do ramp up so headphones are probably a good option when doing more serious gaming.

The screen is 144Hz and so far seems very good. I use a cheap laptop for work and the difference in quality of the screen/image compared to the Nova's is very noticeable. Keyboard is also good, also like the fact the video and power ports are on the back.

I knew that battery life wasn't going to be great and not really bothered by this as I'm using this machine as a desktop replacement. I did forget to plug in the power one day and can confirm the battery lasts about an hour, maybe a bit longer, before it ran out. I don't find the Nova to be particularly heavy or large, in fact I was quite pleasantly surprised by the size of it so that's also a bonus.

So overall I'm very happy with the machine, I did do quite a lot of research online on which machine to go for and I'm glad I found PC specialist. For the price this is a high spec machine and compared to other intel based options I was looking at, this offers a very good price/performance option in my opinion. Also the 3 years warranty included is a great bonus.


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