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New PCSpecialist Desktop, no signal to monitor


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I have just recieved my new desktop from you and when I connect to my monitor via HDMI, I get no signal to the monitor. The monitor definitely works as I have tested it with my laptop and another PC. I have also tested connecting my TV to the PC and it also gets no signal. Any help appreciated



Welcome. There is a possibility that some components have dislodged during transit as it happens unfortunately.

Open the machine and ensuring you have earthed yourself carefully look through the inside and see if items maybe loose or can be reseated

Obviously turn the machine off first.

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I'm worried to turn off the machine as I recieved an email saying not to do so until the initial windows setup has completed. The obvious issue here is, I have no way of knowing for sure that this is one, as the monitor has no signal.


Are you sure you've plugged into the graphics card HDMI port and not the motherboard HDMI port?