New Recoil Series: 17" Matte QHD 240Hz sRGB 100% LED Widescreen (2560x1600)


Nice laptop bought in reality for gaming when my last ones motherboard went pop.
Still quite noisy when running Conan Exiles or Ark, but quiet when not under load.
Boots up fast and Runs at a good frame rate for example conan on 2nd highest setting I’m getting 175 fps , however if I select ultra it runs at around 160 but has a tendency to crash the pc needing me to logout and restart the game, this happens with Ark too at the highest graphic setting.
Which is a shame as the system should run these with ease
Intel® Core™ i9 24 Core Processor 13900HX (5.4GHz Turbo)
Memory (RAM)32GB Corsair 4800MHz SODIMM DDR5 (1 x 32GB)
Graphics CardNVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 4080 - 12.0GB GDDR6 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1


It could be overheating, did you order this laptop with the liquid cooling unit? Honestly in my opinion it shouldn't be sold without it because it will thermal throttle on it's own