New Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 (32" 4k curved @ 240hz!!!)

Not seen anything about this on here, and very little on youtube...but what monster of a GPU would you need to drive this at 240hz.

About £1300 in the UK, supposednly available in June in the US, and other regions shortly after.

Thought I'd found my perfect monitor, as I really don't have the space for an ultra/super wide (G9 or Alienware OLED) other than not being OLED I thought this would be great...then noticed the 1000R..I really can't stand anything more than about 1500R (preferably 1800-2000R) :mad:
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That looks very special indeed. It looks like a "have it all" monitor. There will likely be a flat panel variant coming soon too I imagine.

High brightness, high contrast, accurate colour, 4k, 1ms response and 240hz with an ultrawide? That's just phenomenal.

Worlds firsts are always pricey though 😬


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