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New SLi gaming rig


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sniper does just fine, can you levitate paper on the top of yours?

lovin this debate going on here, i am considering the haf-x now although id have to drop my 580 down to 570

Petchi b

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But its so ugly!
Do you think so? It doesn't seem much different to the Sniper to me. Plus mine will look funky when I get all my LED's up and running and I like the red LED fans. I also wanted a case with a see through side panel :)


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Lol nice, I think I now officially have to dislike you because youve just beaten my system lol, although I do have the HAF-X, so my tower block beats your bungalow lol.
Awww don't hate...just upgrade lol ;)


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The only thing I would like to do be able to do with the sniper, is put more side fans on it. You can either have one 200mm fan or two 120mm fans. It would have been a good feature if you could lower the side fan a little so it's directly on the GPU/GPU's. then fit a 120/140 above it.


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woohoo ! rig is built and awaiting config and testing :)

is it here yet...
is it here yet...