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Thought it about time to say hello, after stalking you guys for a while now. Have to say that I have been quietly impressed, both with the general and specific knowledge being displayed, by mods and members alike.

One question, if I may ask it here, is regarding the posting of specs. I have followed the suggested method, but it always reverts to the original order, but obviously after reading many excellent posts, the original has changed vastly.

Could you possibly indicate where I may be going wrong?



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Hi, welcome to the forum. So... have you actually placed your order and then been making amendments? If so, you can go into ‘your orders’ from your main PCS account, select the order number and copy the spec on the following page over.

It may display a fair few ‘change to’ notes on it depending on how much you’ve been tweaking it but you could manually get rid of the older items with a bit of judicious backspacing.