noisy hard drive?


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Got my new pc today, its brilliant but their is 1 thing that seem a bit wrong.

The hard disk seems to be making a bit of a noise, whenever i write a file, load a webpage, restart or anything that makes the pc do something really their is a kind of bubbling vibrating noise coming from the hard drive. It makes no sound other than when its reading a file or whatever so im confused.

Its a 1 TB caviar black

It seems fairly solid and not loose so im thinking it might be coming from the hard drive internals which means it probably wont last long?

Anything else i can check before i get a chance to ring pcs?


the caviar blacks are noisier than normal, due to the high performance. Same old story im afraid. Something has to be scarificed in the quest for higher and higher performance. In this case, its a noisier profile.


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Ah alright then, if its normal then no problems. Just didnt want to have it fail once i transfered everything over.

Thanks alot for the reply


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You should be able to reduce the effect by fitting rubber dampening washers (or anti-vibration screws) to minimise any sympathetic resonance from the case. You can also buy silicon jackets for the drives which do the same thing and also dampen the drive's case itself.

You may even find that moving the drive to a different slot in the case reduces the apparent noise level.


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Found the problem.

I laid the case on its side for a second to put in some usb cables and it seemed alot better, yet when i stood it back up it was just as bad.

Turns one of the side pannels wasn't properly in place and hence was vibrating and acting a bit like a speaker hence making it sound like a washing machine on spin cycle.

Thanks for your replys guys.