Norton really outdoing themselves - Why does anyone buy this in the first place


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Update on the new Norton 360 Crypto.

Those having GPU resource issues when on idle, check if they've got Norton installed, it really is nothing more than a crypto virus now.



Oh man. This blockchain business is getting really depressing. I didn't really care when it was just the mining business (apart from the impact on GPU supply) as for me it did not impact my life at all. This trend of every major software company getting involved with it and introducing it into their mainstream software is horrific though. Especially this new swerve to NFT's that the gaming industry appears to be moving towards.

I dread to think what the NFT scene in games is going to looking like in 2 years time.
I stopped using Norton/Symantec products when they started using 50% of the processor capacity in my Macs in the 90’s.

The only thing it was useful for was removing the viruses in documents that our Windows users were giving us to clean up.

Not used anything other than the built-in offerings (and good internet/security behaviour) on Mac and Windows PCs since.