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Hi I've been considering dual booting my new computer, when it arrives (pre-production atm), and have been looking at a linux based studio os. Pesonally I don't have any expeience with linuxbut have been wanting to give it a try. Can anyone recommend any distribs or give some advice on the ones I've found below

openArtist :
(seems quite small so not sure its trustworthy, otherwise looks ideal for me)

Ubuntu Studio :
(looks good but is more focused on audio production)

Studio 64 :
(can't say I like the look of this)

Any help or advice is very much appreciated;)


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What does "studio OS" entail? I.e. what do you want to do with it?
(Sorry I haven't heard the term before - looks interesting though.)
You could probably accomplish everything with a "normal" linux just by installing appropriate studio software; probably the main advantage of a studio distribution is that it comes with all this studio software either already installed or easy to set up. I doubt it matters very much which one you pick, since you can just play around with different software in any of them; although I guess some will make that easier or harder.


oh i dunno really
the openartist distrib just seem s really good as its got just about everything ill ever need / use pre installed and configured. (basically laziness on my behalf)
also the studio os'ness to me just means that its more stripped down in other areas providng better performance.

main point of this thread was that I was hoping someone would have any opinions/ advice on the above distribs and whether they are 'safe' to use.
I will probably go for Ubuntu of some sort because I am used to windows and Ubuntu is supposed to be the 'easy to use linux'

thanks for the reply


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I would always recommend running linux in a VM rather than a dual boot, its just cleaner.