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Hi guys, It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm just looking to have a bit more customization options in my bios as it's still stock and I'm wondering where I can get this as Clevo have locked down their Bios. Any links or directions to where I could update it? Cheers in advance guys.



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Old thread and this will probably invalidate your warranty but:

Get the stock Clevo 1.09 BIOS and EC firmware and unzip it.
(Optional) Replace W15HRM.09 with the modified one from this file.
Boot into DOS and flash.

Make sure you flash the EC before the BIOS!

The modified BIOS will enable options for virtualisation, thermal control, overclocking, greater control over the SATA controller and a whole lot more. Avoid the x2APIC option. It will prevent most versions* of Windows from booting.

Please note that you cannot downgrade to an older BIOS version, possible brick risk if you attempt this. However you can switch between the stock and modified 1.00.09 BIOS versions

Further reading:
The post where that modified BIOS came from.
The post where the stock BIOS came from.
Another site with the stock BIOS and EC available. Also has both the user manual and the service manual.
Description of the new options. Yes it's written for a different model but the options are roughly the same.

* If you happen to have an enterprise or datacentre edition of Windows Server 2008 installed, they can make use of this option.
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