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I was looking for a decent spec gaming laptop but I couldn't find one with everything I wanted for my budget from the other mainstream manufacturers; either the hard drive was too small, the graphics card wasn't quite good enough or it didn't have the processor or RAM I required. Then I found PC Specialist. The customisation of a PC Specialist laptop enabled me to choose precisely the spec I wanted at a great price. I managed to get a laptop at a higher spec than the other main brands brands for much less. Mine cost £1143 for the following spec:

AMD Ryzen 7 4800h 8 core processor
Geforce RTX 2060 6gb
1.5 TB SSD (1tb Intel, 512gb PCS)
16gb 2666mhz RAM
No operating system

The spec I have chosen runs AAA games such as Battlefield 1 and V consistently between 90 - 110fps at Ultra settings. The 120hz display is clear and crisp and allows for a very smooth gaming experience. This machine is powerful enough for great gaming and yet thin and compact enough to use as an 'everyday' laptop. The tech they have managed to get into this laptop for it's size is incredible.

Really happy with my laptop - thanks PC Specialist!


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Hey man,
I am interested in purchasing this machine.
Are the fans noisy during gaming and heavy load or also in idle/websurfing/office and watching youtube, or are they sometimes completely silent in Office mod?
Would be splendid hearing from you!