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Optimus VIII Boot logo


Hey all!

Im using my Optimus 8 for more than a month now but i have something what is really grind my gears till the very first minute. The custom "pc specialist" boot logo screen is very slow. It takes about about 3 secs to disappear and continue the boot. After the boot logo the windows starts up really quick thanks to the samsung 961 m2 ssd.
I tried fast boot on/off and checked bios for any other option but no luck yet.

Do you guys experience the same "issue" or its just me? I know its not an essencial problem but it bugs me really hard :D



You probably can (though I wouldn't advise it) either prevent the POST from taking place at all or specify a minimal set of POST tests to do via the BIOS setup. The POST is there to confirm that all is well so I'd leave it as is personally.