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It has come to my attention that my computer will be dispatched tomorrow (friday 23rd) and due to DHL not delivering on weekends, it should arrive on Monday.

My query is, would I be able to modify the payment and pay the extra 29£ to receive the computer on Saturday instead of monday. Reasons being I have a gaming event saturday night and would like to use the computer then.

I have noticed that if I changed my order, due to it being in the Quality Control status I would have to pay an extra £12 fee. Would this still apply in my case of changing the delivery method as it is very situational and having known that it would've been this close, I would've gladly paid the extra 29£ to receive a saturday delivery before buying the computer.

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Hi Graeme. The answer is yes and no. Call us tomorrow and we can change your delivery to Saturday for £19 if its ready to be dispatched.


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Hi, brody. From my personal experience I can say that there's a fairly concerning backlog and if your PC just switched to QC today then it may not of actually entered the hotroom and may actually have only actually entered the queue. If you get my meaning. But you'd be best ringing up support and asking to do with changing the delivery details, if anything it would hold your orders dispatch up as they would need to confirm the payment has fully entered their system I believe.


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Thanks, sounds promising! Expect a call early tomorrow.

Edit - It went into QC on Wednesday around midday I think.
Thanks Gishank appreciate you mentioning about the backlog.
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