Overclocking AMD 3960X Threadripper for Rendering


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Hi there,

I've been reading some posts about overclocking AMD 3000 series and the consensus is it's not worth it. However, a lot of what I've been reading seems to be focused on gaming. I would be using it for 3D Animation in Maya and rendering in Arnold. Does anyone know if there is a significant advantage with an overclocked 3960X with this setup?

Also, in reagards to PCS;s platinum warrenty (which I also read a lot about) I was told that if the prosessor breaks while being over clocked it;s covered... however, if when the prossessor breaks it also damages the system then its not covered. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that they would build a system that they wouldn't garranty so I called them up today and one of the sales staff said that all faluts are covered as long as you don't mess with the settings. So, basically who knows?

Anyway, back to the subject..... To overclock or not to overclock? That is the question.