Paris Olympics


The BSOD Doctor
You might know that the Olympic Flame, which was lit in Olympia earlier this week, does a tour of Greece before it heads off to the host country.

Today it came to Agios Nikolaos on Crete, where I live, on its tour of Greece before heading off to France....

That last torch bearer is my friend Dimitris Altisiades, Greek J24 (sailing) champion, several times European Champion, and at one time number 3 in the world.


Back in 2012 when we had the Olympics here in the UK the torch actually stopped at the girls school for lunch, and as I was a governor of the school was invited to the event and walked within 6 feet of the torch.

The reason the torch came to the school was it Mandeville secondary school, about half a mile down the road from the birth place of the paraolympics