Payment/RAM question!


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Hi there, First off I'd like to say that this forum has helped me no end with picking up tips and gaining a bit more knowledge which has definately helped me choose the spec I want for my upcoming PC I will be ordering soon.

Onto the question - I was wondering if you guys are able to take payment over two different cards? obviously not on the website but through a ordering process over the phone? I have quite a large order to make and this would help me a lot!

Also - In terms for RAM i'm thinking of opting for 16GB of it - I will be primarily ordering the PC for gaming/uni related work and i'm trying to make it as future proof as possbile as I'm not looking to upgrade again for a long time (hopefully) but i'm just wondering whether 8GB would suffice and how much difference it actually makes to the overall performace to the system (I'll be ordering the AMD 1090T 3.2 and GTX480) so saving any extra pennies would be a plus!

Thanks in advance


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16GB is extremely overkill in my opinion most of the new games are looking for 3GB recommended on Windows 7+Vista so I would have thought 8GB would suffice for what you plan on using it for and I dont see 8GB struggling for a long time (it seems to have taken years for games to need more than 2GB)

RAM is normally quite cheap and easy to upgrade anyway


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4 gig is enough for todays gaming. I guess 6-8gig is future proof but i still have not seen any games use more than 2 gig.


Do not get more than 6GB for gaming. Upgrade at a later time.... RAM's the easiest possible upgrade to make to a PC and it will only come down in price.



I agree with the posts above, 16GB RAM is overkill and 8GB will be plenty for years to come!

In regards to payment, I have heard of customers splitting the cost over two cards so this shouldn't be an issue. If you call the Sales Team on 0844 499 4000 they will be able to help with this.