pc bought from currys that was made by pc specialist


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hello i bought a brand new pc from currys which was made by pc specialist and it has the intel i7 10700 with the rtx 3070 and 16bg
and my gpu clock speed and memory speed keeps on dropping really low and i dont know why is it a faulty gpu?


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First thing to do is call PCS and register the PC. You will then get access to the full specs, which you can post here.


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The memory/clock speeds raise and fall with demand, so they can go up and down, my 3070 is sat at about those low values at the mo as well cos I'm not doing anything graphically intensive at all - but even during something intensive it will often go up and down as well
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As RAKK says, it sounds like it's boosting as and when it needs to! If it was on full all the time, you'd see a hotter room and a bigger electricity bill.