PC Case


Rising Star
Hey everyone. I've been wanting to swap out my case for a while, the one I have is nice in how it looks, but I feel it is lacking in some ways. I currently have the Zalman Z-11 Plus (mid tower). I have seen a nice case I wouldn't mind getting, but it's spec details how it can accommodate for ATX MoBo's, except only up to 272mm. I don't know the exact dimensions of mine (it's an ASUS P8Z77-v), but the height is roughly 300mm from what I can tell without taking it out and measuring it up close, and ASUS' spec page doesn't include the dimensions.

That said, I'm not dead-set on that one case and I have a budget of about £100, so really, I'm looking for advice on what case to replace mine with.
Things I'd like the case to have:

  • Really good/flexible cable management (this is a must, it's a big part of why I want to switch the case)
  • Decent internal space (It's currently a nightmare if I have to unscrew the likes of my heat sink due to tight spaces)
  • Decent airflow capability (flexible choice really, my PC is close to a window to increase cooling effectiveness already)
  • Side panel window (fairly large, preferably)
  • Noise reduction (I can deal with compromising this one in favour of the above listed)

I'd like one with a nice large window on one side, both sides preferably flat--or at least the side with no window (the zalman is a nice looking case, but the raised side panel window and fan panels are annoying) so that I could add a decal to it.
I do have a DVD drive and memory card reader, but I'll easily drop both for a decent case that meets most of my wants/needs if they can't be moved over.

I'm hoping to decide soon as I'm going to be getting a few internal upgrades, so I want to have the case swapped out first.