PC Game Deals!


Boogie Warrior
outer worlds is currently 16.49 for standard and 37.08 for delux on steam until 27th jan 2022

and humankind odyssey is 13.19 until 26th jan 2022

and offers on sid meiers civ VI until 26th jan 2022



The Outer Worlds is tempting I'll admit. Even if I have already played 20 odd hours on XBGP, it was pretty roaring fun.


Lord of Steam
Anyone played that one? Looks fun but definitely not £16 fun :D
Not played it, but considering it's inspired by an iconic 80s movie, I'm glad it seems to have a Double Dragon vibe going on. Will probably add it to my Steam wishlist, but it seems there's been no updates to the game released in the last year as one or two reviews on Steam have talked about issues with the game.



Boogie Warrior
steam have a south park bundle with 2 games for 17.08, offer ends on monday 17th jan 2022 at 6pm



Boogie Warrior
epics free game for the 20th - 27th Jan 2022 at 4pm is relicta

rumours are tbc for the 27th Jan - 3rd of Feb 2022 free epic game is potentially a game called daemon x Machina, if true its new to epic so below is a steam link for more info of the rumoured game



Rising Star
I know this is not a "pc game deal", but it's a deal made by humblebundle, so ... :D
I just want to share with you this "Bande-Dessinées" (comics) bundle about the "Humanoide Associés" publisher (pretty famous french SF publisher)
It's include many of jodorowsky's work (the Incal, the metabaron, the technopriest (funny, i'd not translated the title that way^^)), and some other i don't know.
I just want to tell you that it's some awesome piece of SF comics that worth a shot if you are interesseted !

(and bouncer, that about a bouncer into the american far west, it's the exception i think :D)

I ...
How say that ...
I think every SF reader will love this bundle and it's pretty much a must have (at least for me), and i hope you'll like these Bande-Dessinée (allow me the use of this french term) as much as i did

My last bundle was the Judge Dredd comics (Perps, Punks & Partners)...still haven't got around to reading them due to limited free time and so many other fun activities fighting for it .

Will add these to the ever-growing queue (y)


Boogie Warrior
humble are doing a 12 game indie bundle, spend at least 6.64 and get all 12 games, bundle lasts for 13 days as of posting



Lord of Steam
hitman 3 epic games edition is 24.99 for standard edition at the mo until 1st feb 2022, this is not the steam version which for some reason is full price on humble bundle

Epic are no doubt aware of the backlash over the Steam price, so are looking to gobble up some more Hitman money with this little flash sale