PC Game Deals!


Lord of Steam
I've not played this, so can't recommend it personally, but Park Beyond is on sale at the moment:

Mixed reviews (although the recent reviews are at 68% - 70% is the Mostly Positive threshold - so it is getting better) suggest it's a slightly less polished Planet Coaster. Might be worth a punt at that price though.


Lord of Steam
I've worked out what I'm playing over the next few months, so there's literally nothing in the Steam sale catching me eye. Possibly the first time I've ever felt this way around one of the bigger sales!

For those interested:

- Judgment
- Lost Judgment
- Like A Dragon: Gaiden
- Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (releases in January)

The Like A Dragon series is what used to be called Yakuza and those first 3 games are spin offs, while Infinite Wealth is the next main game in the series. The games are often around 100 hours if you're looking to do everything in game, so will certainly keep me busy until probably the Steam Spring sale!


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3.49 currently