PC Game Deals!


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Steam Winter sale is doing its thing. Again, not really drawn to any games at the moment with way too much going on with the backlog as is. Would almost be tempted to get Star Wars: Jedi Survivor as a way of forcing me to play Star Wars: Fallen Order, but I wouldn't be starting FO until probably getting on for Easter, so I could just as easily look to get Jedi Survivor in the Summer sale.

Not sure I really like this new sensible me, but I'm well aware that if I do choose to buy anything now, it'll almost certainly be available in the Humble Choice bundle for January in a couple of weeks!



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Showgunners is a game I'd recommend. It's 10 to 15 hours long and is available for a touch under 14 quid. It places you on a gameshow in a dystopian reality where you're fighting to the death. Turn-based combat isn't everyone's style, but I quite like it!



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This must be the 5th or so copy of this I have, but of course I'll get it

I did adore fallout 3, it was my favourite of the series, but it is quite dated these days.

Edit: Doh, it's already in my Epic library!
Hopefully the Epic version of the PC port works. The Steam version's been temperamental as hell for years, but the GOG version was always okay.


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I'm trying to work that out myself...

fun fact, homer J hasnt played a few games for so long that when dipping back into them homers like

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