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Does look quite fun, how does this line up in the series? Is it supposed to be a remaster of the original game?
It's a reboot of the series. The first two Saints Row games were fairly standard GTA clones, but the series progressed to using adult toys as weapons, the destruction of Earth and a spinoff game featuring a literal takeover of Hell, the devs thought they'd gone a little too far with all the crazy and decided a reboot would be better than doing a Saints Row 5. The Steam reviews suggest it has some good things about it, but they probably should have moved onto new IPs instead.

I did a thread about this game as the recommended specs seem a little crazy to me in that I don't hit them as I don't have a 3080Ti and so lack the 12GB of VRAM. That being said, the minimum specs are potato level these days, so the game would probably run pretty well for me, just not at a resolution I'd prefer.


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but the series progressed to using adult toys as weapons

well, erm

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Wow, this is well worth it, this has been on my wishlist for some time, it's by no means a AAA, but looks a lot of fun and certainly for this price!

Released in 2021, it's The Sinking City, has very good reviews on steam, now down to £3.50, before this, the lowest I've seen it is around £20

Offer ends on the 21st December
By the way, even though it said this offer ended 21st December, it's still going on!