PC not working the way it used to.


So there's some thermal throttling going on. This may or may not be a sign of a problem. It would also be useful to know the CPU frequency (all the cores) and the power consumption.

idk if these are any use to you


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Is that 100°C while just gaming? That's seriously hot. Over 50°C idle immediately suggests a cooling issue to me.

All of your issues can be explained if the temps are tripping the CPU.

How is your cooler controlled, do you have software running it? There have been a few PCS cooler failings over the years, typically it's the pump that goes.

Can you do some physical tests on the cooler pipework. Check for hot/cool areas and note where they are. Check for vibration on the pump head, there should be a recognisable hum to it... but if it's still, grindy or notchy this could be the issue.

When you say you don't even have Windows AV. Are you saying that you've deliberately disabled the Windows Security? What was your reasoning for this? There is negligible performance impact and any intrusions for scans etc can be timed.