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PC Order so slow?


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So when you ordered the PC it apparently said:

Build Time
Standard Build - Approximately 10 to 12 working days
according to your post here: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/foru...y-new-PC-ordered-yesterday-from-pc-specialist

Most of this will likely be pre-production. It doesn't actually take 12 days to build a PC. It'll probably get built over a day or two, then tested, quality controlled, etc, and then shipped. But they have a certain number of orders to get through in turn before they start building orders placed in the last few days, and their estimate for how long the total process will take when you placed yours was 10-12 days.

Note that that's an estimate. It could potentially be faster than that, or it could take a bit longer.

So it seems entirely normal so far. :)


As Oussebon has said, sadly the short answer is... its not taking so long.

You're essentially in a queue for your rig to be built :)


It's also possible the builds ahead of yours have used up their stock of a component you need and they are waiting for new stock to be delivered.


but is it free to arrange a new delivery date? if already missed first time due to not being in?
If this post looks slightly odd here it's because it was added to a thread that was 4 years old so I moved it to this one as it is sorta relevant and bringing threads back from the dead after 4 years is never a very good idea anyway.

Stephen M

How likely is it you will miss the delivery. You will know the day before it is going to be delivered and be given a one-hour slot from DPD on the day, so it should be fairly simple to make sure someone is about to take the delivery. You would need to contact PCS and or DPD to find out if any charges are involved with a changed date.


^ I ordered my PC on the 14th of august and have now reached my 16th working day of Pre-Production! I can tell this isn't all that common, so it is a shame!

Hope your pc has come in good nick!?